Great day at OCC BBQ

Wow – alot of acronyms there!

Just in the door from the Open Coffee BBQ, and have been inspired by all the enthusiastic bloggers to become more active in writing blog posts. So for all the stuff I don’t feel is relevant (or appropriate!) for my business blog (currently running on, then here’s where I can rant about express myself about the things that matter to me most.

Really enjoyed the day and hats off to Evert Bopp and his lovely wife Kate (who I believe put in a splendid performance on the Gerry Ryan show this morning!) for pulling the whole event together.

I participated in the “Dragon’s Den” section of the day and while it was nerve wracking enough standing up in front of 40 or so people, it was a great experience and the questions were very relevant and thought provoking for me.

Met some really interesting people who gave me great feedback on my wedding website and encouraged me to blog more…, thanks to Sabrina Dent for whacking me on the head and making me jump into the deep end!

And just have to mention that Deborah Hadley’s Brownies were to die for!!

If there is anyone that was present today that I didn’t get to chat with personally, or if any of you out there, wake up in the middle of the night with a brainwave for my wedding site….then please feel free to contact me directly or comment below!

Signing off my first blog post!

Thank You and Good Night!


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2 Responses to “Great day at OCC BBQ”

  1. Sabrina Dent Says:

    Welcome to the world of mouthing off, like. You’re going to *thrive* here, I promise you! You know you were made for it 😛

  2. Deborah Says:

    Hey hey… good stuff. Great to meet you and glad you liked the brownies. Look forward to hearing how the business progresses!

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