CGI Genius!

Had heard nothing about the new Pixar movie when my Dad mentioned that he’d like to go see it today, and had no idea when to expect when we sat in the darkness of the cinema and waited for WALL.E to start this evening.

The film is centered around a Robot character, named WALL.E (pronounced Wally) who is the only surviving robot left on earth after the humans have evacuated to a space cruise ship when the earth became covered in waste. WALL.E’s directive is to clean up the rubbish by compacting it to small cubes and stacking them on top of one another. 700 years later, a second robot named EVE comes down from space on a reconnaissance mission to evaluate whether or not earth can sustain life. Her directive is to scan the land to find any living plants. The plot unfolds as the 2 meet and WALL.E falls in love with EVE. As a cold, clinical robot EVE is preoccupied with getting the plant organism that WALL.E has found, back to the cruise ship but gradually, she breaks free from her “directive” and begins to fall for WALL.E too.

The incredible thing about this movie is Pixars ability to personify inanimate objects, such as robots and machines. There is very little dialogue and the robots really are only able to communicate through their eyes and gestures….but nevertheless, you still really FEEL for them. Human emotions of love, fear, humour and loneliness are all depicted in this movie through mechanical robots and it is incredible to watch on screen and really believe in them.

It is a visually stunning movie and Pixar have done for Robots in space what they did for Nemo underwater. Go see it and see for yourself. I challenge you not to fall for these little robots! 🙂



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