How to Optimise your Twitter Strategy

I get asked all the time by hotels and other businesses that I am dealing with, what is twitter, how would we use it and is it just a pointless waste of time?! My answer to that is most definitly no, as I have used twitter very effectively over the past year to build my brand and the community around my business and made great contacts with other irish business people.

Twitter, facebook and all of the social media tools should be used in the same way that you deal with people in the real world. There are real people behind the twitter accounts so if you spam them, shout at them or generally bother them with rubbish, then they won’t like you. Just like in the real world then, right?

I came across this great presentation by Paul Fabretti on How to Optimise your Twitter Strategy for Business. Some great tips here, view it and learn more about twitter and how it can help your business.


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