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Girl Geek Dinner comes to the Rebel County!

September 8, 2008

Last night I attended Cork’s First Girl Geek Dinner in Probys Bistro.  I had no idea what to expect, and only knew 1 other person going there before hand .  The Irish were in the minority with only myself and Katherine Nolan from the Emerald Isle, America was well represented with Sabrina, Alana James and of course the wonderful event organiser Martha Rotter in attendance.  Gabriela Avram travelled down from Limerick for the night.

It was quite informal with the conversation flowing fluidly, but we did all get around to telling the table what we did and passed around the business cards too (!).  We chatted about everything from Twitter to Paint Colours and had some giggles too!  The food was delicious and the plates were licked clean; despite the waitress forgetting to bring me my dessert (was it a hint I wonder?!) Probys was a great venue for the event.

I highly enjoyed the evening and it was great to meet influential women like that who are successful in their own businesses, but also can be such a positive force for me.  I will most certainly be attending the next one!  Thanks so much to Martha for organising it, great night enjoyed by all!