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Last minute change of plan left me feeling Rosey!

August 27, 2008

Okay. So I know I blogged yesterday about the Rose of Tralee and how I wasn’t going, but would be watching from the comfort of my couch. Thing about dull and boring plans like that is (luckily) they change!! So there I was on the electric picnic website working away on Tuesday and I got a phone call at 20 to 6 from my friend William.

Ciara, get your ass down to Tralee. There are 15 of us sitting in a room making Rubix Cubes and we need you…this was your brainchild, you ‘ve GOT TO be here! Come on, we’ll make you a cube, sort out a ticket – just get in the car now and come. You’ll make it Ciara! Give it the Big One!!

Not short of persuasive skills is our Will, it took him all of 3 minutes to twist my rubber arm and like a flash I was throwing a toothbrush in a bag and slipping into the first dress I lay my hands on in my wardrobe. Left the house at 10 past 6 for Tralee, thinking “How on EARTH am I going to make this?! Am I MAD?!?” Literally FLEW to Tralee, (attempting to put my make up on while in the car!) and arrived at 20 to 8 – just before the Rose was due to start.

Will and James met me in the car park and proudly handed over RTE CREW PASSES which they managed to wangle somehow or other and I had just enough time to finish off the botched make up job, have a quick drink and get over to the Dome before it all kicked off!

The Dome is actually a long rectangular Marquee, but when you get inside you are enveloped by the dark ceiling complete with fairy lights which gives the whole place an rather special quality! We met up with the gang of other Roscommon supporters and true to their word, the lads had made me my very own Rubix Cube to wear and wave for the cameras!

Wave we did! When Triona came on, we all went mental, jumping around waving the Rubix cubes in the air. She did us proud, chatting to Ray like they were old friends and when crunch time came – to do the talent…she pulled it off without a hitch despite the manic cheering from us, the background music, the lights and Ray talking to her throughout!!

Aoife Kelly, Tipperary Rose

Aoife Kelly, Tipperary Rose

The whole show was amazing, the girls would put you to shame, they were all so articulate, well educated, well travelled and genuinely NICE! The Tipperary Rose ended up being crowned the Rose of Tralee for 2008 and it was well deserved, she is a stunning girl and was so great on the night.

Using the RTE Passes, we managed to blag our way into the Private RTE Room back in Fels Point, the hotel next to the Dome… Free wine, free food and the edible Daithi O’Se to boot!! 😉 Had a lovely chat with Mary Kennedy who was one of the judges and also met Jenny Kelly who I only recognised when she opened her mouth and started talking! I cornered Ray D’Arcy too, who remembered me from the Regional Finals of the Rose when myself and James were the only 2 ‘human Rubix Cubes’ and the Spencer Tunick photo shoot in Cork where I ended up sitting next to him in the field offering him some of my Buckfast for dutch courage! As ever, Ray was so lovely, totally relaxed and chatted away to us for ages. We reminiced on the experience of being naked together (!) and I found out that the Roses are genuinely all that nice in person too!

Danced away till the wee hours back in the Dome after our brush with celebrity and the New Zealand Rose put on a fantastic Riverdance display for the crowd. William walked me back to my car at about half 2 and I threw the sleeping bag over me and managed to get some sleep in the car park of the Dome till I was woken at 6:30am by the lads for the trip back to Cork. We made it back in one piece and I made it to my Media Training Course with Damien Mulley on time at 10am despite not having much of a voice left and requiring copious amounts of coffee!

All in all, a fantastic night and a great experience to be part of such a wonderful festival such as the Rose of Tralee. I am more convinced than ever that I should enter next year now, the buzz about the whole thing is infectious!

Triona being crowned Rose of Roscommon

Triona being crowned Rose of Roscommon